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woodblock farrago females felines cats nude money trees patterns printmaking prints black and white
36" w x 48" h (block)
Big Ink Print Woodcut Relief Printmaking Black and White Farrago: Females, Felines. cats. Patterns. Money Trees. King George III.
Woodblock Print
36" x 48"
Grey, Black and White Reductive Woodcut showing a Female turned away from a male with a flower crown, pick-up trucks at a used car dealership in the deep background, and a one-eyed calico Cat in the bottom left foreground and a scene of blues dancing in t
Reductive Woodcut
14" x 17.75"
Budgie Buddies BIG INK big ink Woodcut parakeet birds oval wood cut print printmaking prints fine art
36" x 48"
Pick-Up Truck in Grey Reductive Woodcut 2016 1/9 EV Edition Variation Variable
reductive woodcut
5.75” x 9.875” (block), 11.125” x 15.125” (print)
1984 George Orwell
Drypoint Etching, Marbled Paper, Chine Colle and Gold Leaf
5" x 5"
"Partial Collection of Beanie Babies" 8" x 10" Linocut Print Gold Leaf Hand Coloring Hand painted 2016 still life stuffed animals by Catherine Cole artist
Linocut with Gold Leaf and Hand-Coloring
8" x 10"
"Adrien Brody as Dmitri Desgoffe und Taxis" 2015 12" x 12" screenprint and woodcut serigraph serigraphy xylography relief print Wes Anderson Grand Budapest Hotel Catherine Cole artists
Screenprint and Woodcut
12" x 12"
Blues Under the Lights
Dad at California Pizza Kitchen Relief Etching 4" x 5" 2015. Orange, orange and white, drink, glasses, dinner, overhead lighting, print, printmaking, art, artist, artwork,
Relief Etching
4" x 5"